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José Torres Pinto - Aluminum and Steel structures

  • Founded in 1975, the company José Torres Pinto Lda has as main activities, the manufacture and assembly of metal and suspended ceiling structures, the execution of works in iron and stainless steel railings, gates, and equipment for factories and construction works in aluminum and glass.

    In close collaboration with customers and suppliers, it offers a wide range of products matching, in quality and price, the expectations of the domestic market.

  • José Torres Pinto constantly seeks to innovate and expand its market share through its internal growth and the ongoing satisfaction of their customers. This led to a successful, visible and award-winning attitude in construction in Portugal, including Azores and Madeira, and also all over Europe with partnerships with several international dimension companies.

    Over the years, it has updated its way of being in the market, in line with its requirements, for this reason, José Torres Pinto bets on the commitment of continuous improvement, with the purpose of ensuring the satisfaction of needs of its employees, customers and suppliers, associated with the company's services.

  • The project and design Team of Jose Torres Pinto, has a vast experience, expertise and planning knowledge. Only then can the company ensure optimization of production and manufacturing costs because we can predict possible mistakes and difficulties at an early design stage.

  • Aware that this market segment is, nowadays, increasingly competitive due to the demands of customers and the strong competition, José Torres Pinto focus on the quality of its products and services but also with the use of staff with experience and proper training.
    With this strategy our company is to extend the trading market for several continents and retain all our customers.

  • In José Torres Pinto, the manufacturing process is based on a set of procedures supported by the highest technology equipment that are reflected in the quality of the finished products.

    The manufacturing system goes through several sections. All these processes, down to the smallest detail, are performed by experienced professionals on each type of work, which gives our metal structures a notoriously superior quality.

    Being the full structure designed and produced in the factory, its installation is distinguished by speed and ease and is also very easy later, and in case of necessity, to dismantle the structure completely.



  • Our administration considers Quality Management and Security as a key factor for the prestige and sustained development of the company.

    It is a challenge that involves all employees, suppliers and customers, ensuring:

    1. Customers´ satisfaction;

    2. Conformity in metal products and metal structures produced;

    3. Employees’ competence, safety and health;

    4. Legal requirements respect;

    5. Ongoing improvement.


A partner at your level

  • “An excellent team of professionals that fully understands the customers’ needs, that know what deadlines are by doing a fast and highly professional work.” .

    Jack Black
    AEPF - Ass. Empresarial de Paços de Ferreira
  • “Knowledge, responsibility, professionalism, experience, competence and accuracy are the adjectives that can qualify the work done by José Torres Pinto Lda.” .

    Jack Black
    Nova Encosta School


Construtive Solutions

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A major advantage of metal construction is the quick construction and the high degree of mobility, as all material arrives at site in a pre-fabricated condition. Thus, precious resources of manpower, with all the inherent expenses are spared. The metal structures are used in the construction of:

  • Industrial Sheds
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Penthouses
  • Sports centers
  • Parking lots, etc.




Aluminum is a quality metal with several features that make it the best option for the building industry. The major advantages of using aluminum are its lightness, durability, water resistance, flexibility, strength, beauty and modernity.

  • Facades
  • Stores Frames
  • Housing Frames
  • Shutters with fixed and mobile blades
  • Blinds etc.


ferro inox

Iron and Stainless

We perform all types of ironwork from traditional models to modern ones, including custom designs that are present in our costumers projects. We also work the stainless steel according to your project from simple guard to more complex decorative piece.

  • Protection guards
  • Doors and Grilles
  • Railings
  • Iron frames
  • Small stairs



Facades coatings

Facades coatings are a key component of the same functions they perform in terms of mechanical behavior, aesthetic, hygrometric and since a few years also thermal. Thus, it is required to show suitable mechanical strength which on the one hand, is compatible with the support members and, on the other hand, able to sufficiently protect the same and the wall of external aggressions.

  • Industrial Sheds
  • Homes




Custom solutions for each customer.


The prefabricated metal building steel is becoming increasingly prominent in the construction of the 21stcentury due to the numerous possibilities of structural combinations, allowing the encounter of the current, contemporary architecture, satisfying the idealized requirements for a given project, the versatility and breadth of our equipment, ensuring competitive solutions in terms of time, price and quality.

  • Manufacture and assembly of metal structures and Ceilings
  • Execution of works in iron and stainless steel
  • Railings and Gates
  • Equipment for factories
  • Execution of works in aluminum and glass


  • All
  • Metal Structures
  • Coatings
  • Iron and Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • BP Meinedo

    BP Meinedo

  • Porto Cruz

    Porto Cruz

  • School Center Pavilion

    School Center Pavilion

  • Taylor Fladgate

    Taylor Fladgate

  • Hélio Martins e Santos

    Hélio Martins e Santos

  • Torno School Center Pavilion

    Torno School Center Pavilion

  • Grupo Martins

    Grupo Martins

  • Vizela School Center

    Vizela School Center

    aluminum coatings
  • Port wine cellars walkway

    Port wine cellars walkway

  • Canelas Pavilion

    Canelas Pavilion

  • Gravotextil e Davitex

    Gravotextil e Davitex

  • Ermidas do Sado Pavilion

    Ermidas do Sado Pavilion

  • Régua Municipal Pools

    Régua Municipal Pools

  • PilarBox - Housing Project

    PilarBox - Housing Project

    coatings metal_structures aluminum
  • Ramalhão Houses

    Ramalhão Houses

  • Trofa Sénior

    Trofa Sénior

  • Nortempera


  • Gates


  • Trofense Football stadium

    Trofense Football stadium

  • Grupo Martins

    Grupo Martins

  • Irmãos Ribeiro

    Irmãos Ribeiro

  • Manuel Martins carpentry

    Manuel Martins carpentry

  • Nortempera


  • Peso da Régua School Center

    Peso da Régua School Center

  • Custóias School Center

    Custóias School Center

  • Stairs


  • Carvalhosa School Center

    Carvalhosa School Center

  • AEPF




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PilarBox Family housing project

Provided there is a surface of 75 square meters and a truck can get there, the conditions are completed to install a home for up to a family of four, built from shipping containers and which has been furnished and decorated.

José torres pinto with a renewed site

José Torres Pinto Lda. website has a new design and structure. The renovation was done with the purpose of giving a more intuitive and clear information about the work developed in the company.


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