Steel is a recyclable material, unlike concrete, which in terms of sustainability is excellent.
Estruturas Metálicas

The structure is composed of profiles that are screwed together, which gives the structure greater flexibility when compared to reinforced concrete structures.


In an extreme situation, for example an earthquake, buildings can be damaged, but they never collapse, thus translating into greater security for their occupants.

Advantages of metal structures

One of the great advantages of the metallic construction is the speed of assembly, and the high degree of mobility, given that all the material arrives at the construction site in the condition of prefabricated. In this way, precious labor resources, with all the inherent expenses, are saved.

Metal structures are used in the construction of:
  • Industrial Pavilions;
  • Commercial buildings;
  • Coverage;
  • Multisport;
  • Car parks;
  • Office buildings and services;
We present the best solutions for cladding facades for all types of buildings and different architectural styles, designed to meet any need, always with the best result.
esthetics and Safety

The coverings are specially designed for exterior, responding to the greatest demands of the architecture and construction sectors, decorating and protecting even the facades exposed to the most adverse climatic conditions.

Variety of coatings

We have a variety of coatings, from aluminum, simple sheet, copper, sandwich panel, zinc, cork etc..


Os revestimentos de fachadas são uma componente fundamental das mesmas pelas funções que desempenham ao nível de comportamento mecânico, estético, higrométrico e, desde a alguns anos, também térmicos.

  • Durabilidade;
  • Rapidez de execução;
  • Estética;
  • Beleza e sofisticação;
  • Bastante económico;
  • Manutenção;
We carry out all types of iron works, from traditional models to the most modern ones, including personalized designs that are present in your projects.
Iron and Stainless

We also work with stainless steel according to your project, from the simple guard to the most complex decorative piece.

  • Protection Guards
  • Doors and Louvers
  • Railings
  • Iron Frames
  • Small stairs
Aluminum is a quality metal, with several characteristics that make it the best option for civil construction.

The great advantages of using aluminum are its lightness, durability, impermeability, flexibility, resistance, beauty and modernity.

  • Facades
  • Shop Frames
  • Housing Frames
  • Covered with fixed and movable blades
  • Venetian blinds etc.

Some of our projects